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Decode barcode semacode using your PDA's camera

James Thornton

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  • Remarkably simple to use
  • Lots of help available
  • You'll be constantly looking for semacode to practice on

In the future, the contact card of everybody will have their own barcode, which can be directly scan via the camera phones. Everybody could use this barcode to add a new entry into address book or dial a number to reach someone.

The best thing is, you can also buy the beverage in the vending machine with similar function. SimpleAct Inc. launched a new service which combined "2-dimension bar code", "Camera phones" and "eCommerce" named QuickMark. QuickMark is a brand-new consumption channel will let the future consumer behavior change completely.

With software installed on your device, you just need to scan the barcode, and the QuickMark decoder and then show the information stored in barcode. QuickMark is a low cost killer application in the m-commerce space.

Neither special high-grade cellphones nor pre-pay services are necessary. It can be applied to vending machines, buying tickets or online game credit points, paying the parking fee, even downloading MP3 or ringtones, all from your PDA.

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